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In my opinion, the only financial planner to have during these grim times is Jim Lorigo of Americorp. I rest easily knowing, from 6 plus years of personal experience, that my annuities are not only safe, but growing. Jim (and his excellent staff) monitors my account, keeps abreast of new and better products, is the consummate professional, returns calls promptly and is always available for appointments and guidance. Bottom line: Jim Lorigo looks out for me.


My mother started working with Mr. Lorigo in August 1992. Since that time, my sister and I have also become clients with him. As of to date, we have not lost any money on our accounts and have seen the interest earned increase. In the economy we have today, a person really has to check things out and I do believe the best way to go is with Mr. Lorigo. He has always been honest with my family and is very helpful in explaining everything and anything so we can understand what he is talking about.


We have worked hard for over 40 years and have lost a great deal of money in the market. We both felt we had to do something about it. We then began looking for safe money alternatives for our 401(K) and IRA accounts, wanting to preserve the funds we still had. We can’t thank you enough for helping us and introducing us to growth, safety and peace of mind alternatives as well guaranteed incomes for life.


My husband passed away over a year ago and I lost his pension income which made it very difficult for me financially. All I can say is, Jim Lorigo, thank you for your patience and spending time helping me resolve this dilemma. The income that I now receive helps me tremendously and luckily, I won’t have to work part- time to compensate for the loss of the pension income.


After interviewing many different financial firms and insurance agents, it was great to find someone like Jim who understood our situation. He was able to explain to us in laymen’s terminology the various options we had. Jim, you and your staff are always so helpful….thank you again. We know we made the right decision.


Jim, I have been your client for many, many years. We’ve been together through the good and bad economic times and I wanted to say thank you. You have helped protect my life savings, allowing me to leave a legacy to my family, tax-free.


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